Posted by: Keith | July 30, 2013

Fund Raiser for CfR UK & Ireland

So here is the latest attempt to raise a few pounds for CfR.Its the form of a raffle again and has some stunning
prizes up for grabs. Here is a photo of one for your delectation.

and you can donate here for your tickets

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you

Posted by: Keith | January 25, 2013

New toys

So they are just starting to trickle into the UK through the back door. That’s the new Orvis Helios 2 fly rods. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMuch acclaimed in the USA the reception here will be interesting to see. Will they be loved sheepishly as our cousins across the pond demand? Maybe or maybe not.
I have at work a few of the new rods and so far have had a play with four of the number. They are:
10ft #7. This is a nice rod. Weighs in at 3 3/8 oz which is incredible. The rod is classed as a tip action rod and I would say it’s deffinately that. Casting with the rod is surprisingly un-hurried and comfortable which will be a bonus for reservoir and saltwater fishers  in the UK. Nice toy.

9ft #6. Rated as a tip action rod it is definitely a rod that will need a bit of use to get happy with. Matching the right line with the rod is going to be a major factor. Its nice but I prefer the original Helios.

9ft #5 Mid action rod. Sweet. Light responsive and plenty of feel to the rod. One that feels like you are still in charge and not the rod ruling how you cast. This will be a great small still water and larger rivers rod. I have no doubt this rod will be a great all-rounder happy casting small emerger’s and dries or equally at home casting big flies too.

8ft #5 mid action. Ditto! Lovely rod and will do on small still-water and smaller rivers exactly what its 9ft brother will do. Both will be a joy to use.

Really its hard to see how the Helios could have been bettered but it looks like in a lot of cases this is the case with the Helios 2. The build quality and finish is superb and the cork used is slightly better than the original Helios. All the rods for use in freshwater have a Californian Buckeye Burl wooden reel seat insert which is really nice. The saltwater rods have a carbon fibre and skeletal reel seat similar to the original but with three legs not four. All the rods come in a carbon rod tube which has some snazzy graphics on the outside. ( I know not much use on the inside) and you need to decide if it looks like it just lost the paint work on an aluminium tube or was done on purpose!! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


The rods all get a black rod sock with H2 graphics.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

No doubt many will like and others may well loathe the rods. I am un-decided on the 9ft #6. Still a few to try out and see how I like them. Prices are not that bad for a rod of this spec. Your best course of action? Well get into a store and try the rods out before you decide if  you must have one.
See you in Orvis Burford I hope.

Posted by: Keith | January 21, 2013

Where the heck did that come from?

There we are. All sitting at home in our cosy little boxes and watching the news. Followed by the weather ! Now let’s be honest. Weather forecasters in the UK do not have a great track record. In fact for me they are so far OFF the mark I just tend to look out of the window and if its raining I take a jacket. If it’s not raining I take a jacket!
So imagine my COMPLETE surprise when I wake up on Friday and find that the snow they had been saying was coming actually arrived! WOW. And how it had arrived. I tried to get to work. I brushed the 9 inches of snow off the car, defrosted the thing called work to be told there was no point in going in as the snow was coming down in big lumps. Indeed it was. By 11am my car was covered by the same amount of white water that I had brushed away 3 hours previously.
So with the roads a complete mess I decided a day at the vice tying flies was in order.




They are for a fly swap with a bunch of guys n gals on a really friendly forum. I know that’s another myth but not in this case. VFB has been a part of my WWW  for a very long time. Some great fly tiers on the list that are happy to help whenever needed.

Much can be learnt from taking part in fly swaps. If you get the chance have a go and see what comes from the resultant flies and your efforts. You wont be sorry.

Meanwhile I hope the snow has not caused you too much if any grief. Take care.

Posted by: Keith | January 18, 2013

Get far more from, well, Farmoor!

Tuesday this week I was lucky enough to get the chance to fish one of my favourite fisheries. To be honest my opportunities to get out and fish have been few and far between with work, weather and other commitments. They do say that work is the curse of the fishing classes!

So to the fishing. Well a very nice young man by the name of George Kavanagh had expressed an interest in trying Farmoor so I booked a boat for us on Farmoor 1. For those of you that don’t know the reservoir I should explain. The reservoirS (there are two) cover around 240 acres. Farmoor 2 is a put and take fishery and is shared with the local sailing club. The two sports co-habit fairly well. Farmoor 1 is the smaller lake and is for catch and release fishing.

The weather up to the day we had chosen had been changeable, wet and cold but true to form on the day we chose it was sunny and freezing. With the words “mind the dock will be slippery” from Mark Loughray, the ranger on duty, ringing in our ears due caution was applied and loading and setting up the boat was accomplished without incident. Choice of tackle and lines was made and with history to the fore front we both chose sinking lines.

Farmoor is a reservoir where at this time of year it has always fished well to sunk lines and lures. Hoping to be able to drift the reservoir we started at the North East side of the lake but were unable to get a good drift going. After a period anchored up and fishing we decided to move to the North West side of the lake. Again nothing on the sunk line. By now the usual fly changes and “Its the weather change that’s done it” comments we decided another move the South end of the lake was in order. Taking a slow trip round to that end of the lake George exclaimed “FISH” ! He had seen a fish on top! I turned and also saw a fish in the top! We had been a bit too deep. About 30 feet too deep! Off came the sinkers and George set up with a ghost tip line while I went for the floating line and long leader attack.

George was first to get a reaction. A solid but unconnected tug. Two more tugs and pulls and finally he gets one to stay put. After a good scrap the fish finally came to the net, posed for pictures and then returned to the depths none the worse for its visit.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Georges fish on the way to the net


And on the way back

I was next to connect. A cracking silver fish really did not want to have a chat or pose for the camera easily.  And all this was in the top 2 feet of the water. Amazing. I had another on and off before my second fish stuck which was a lean mean fighting machine of about 3 pounds.

George Kav 17Jan13

Georges camera is better than mine! The fish was NOT foul hooked. He had rolled over the line.

George Kav117Jan13

See! Told you so.

Not a huge number of fish and our early tactics did nothing to help. It was however an extremely good day in fine company even if George is a Villa fan. I for one am looking forward to a return trip when the weather has settled down a bit and is not dropping white stuff everywhere.

Keep warm folks and tight lines


Posted by: Keith | January 14, 2013

New Site launched

I have been meaning to put together a new website for ages. My other site which (will be deleted) is a freeby Tripod site and although they are very good they are covered in advertisements as you would expect.

So just where do I start? Well I was directed to a company that offered domain names and servers for sensible money so the thinking cap came out and off we went.  At the risk of stating the obvious I had to come up with a catchy name. Hundreds if not thousands of us are nuts about our hobbies. Not so many are christened with the initials of a superb snack food. Mine are KP. Work it out. The Fly-Fishing Nut was born.
 A quick download of the servers free design software and the results are there for all to see. No doubt there will be frequent tweaks but I have made it as simple to get around as poss and hope that you will find something to inspire or simply take the rise out of.
Have a look around and leave a comment here if you like.
World I give you

The Fly-Fishing Nut

 Cheers folks


Posted by: Keith | October 26, 2012

Testing Times

Well who’s a lucky boy then? Me of course!
Over the last two years I have tried to succeed in an attempt to gain a professional qualification in teaching Fly-Fishing and  Casting. It’s the entry-level standard and the association I chose to go along with is AAPGAI.

Well after a LOT of work and help from a few people with huge thanks going to them all I re-took the exam this last weekend (18th October) and finally achieved a pass. Without the hard work and support of AAPGAI Masters level instructor Jim Williams I would undoubtedly be sat twiddling my thumbs wondering where I went wrong.

The weekend as a whole was brilliant. Demonstrations from Ian May, Gary Champion, Clive Mitchellhill, Paul Arden and newly qualified Master level instructor Berndt Zeische from Germany showed the gathered souls what can be done with some carbon and a bit of plastic string!!!
More importantly it showed to the open day visitors and existing instructors how the sport can be taken forward. It was indeed good to see so many folk at the open day because that proves there is an interest and desire to take the sport and this association on to even higher levels and make it stronger still.

If you are thinking about becoming an instructor then get in touch with one of the associations that can help.

As they say Onward and Upward eh?

Posted by: Keith | June 24, 2012

Dee Flies for Recovery !!

Well there I was just arriving at the BFFI and saying hello to a few fine folks when I see one of my favourite tyers. Mike Townsend is a great tyer and all around good man. He has helped me out with flies for fund-raisers on more than one occasion. So we have a chat for a while and he says there is a package for me on the Cookshill stand. What say’s I? Look says he…
Well its only the most fantastic set of flies and a map in a frame of the river Dee in Scotland. We have a little bit to do to it but it is absolutely magnificent. When the work is complete I will post a photograph or 10 and you will understand. Suffice to say its framed in a 4foot by 2foot frame and contains a dozen classic flies tied by Mr Townsend that relate entirely to the River Dee and are on antique hooks.

Just wait for the pictures. Yum Yum

Posted by: Keith | May 19, 2012

Its been a while…

… So i need to add some content. But what? Well the blog was started to try and help Casting for Recovery UK & Ireland so I guess that needs to continue.
Currently I am looking to do something for the gang in 2013. In the past its been a 24hour tying session. Successful but now needs an update. So when I have the details to go live I will indeed let you know what the plan is. In the meanwhile why not just donate to them through the website
and look for the donate now link

Posted by: Keith | May 19, 2012

I need to fish!…

I need to fish! So fish I will. Where though? At this time of year we should be seeing the most majestic of upwings the Mayfly. As yet however many of the rivers are devoid of any activity and the lakes have had intermittent hatches.

So I am thinking forget it and go play with some toys. I have the Orvis Access fly line to try which holds up niceley in the overhead casts but I need to play on some water to try the spey casts.

Watch this space…..

Posted by: Keith | January 1, 2011


Dylan “Cymro” Roberts 

 who purchased his tickets through the site via UKFlydressing  forum
I would like to say a HUGE thankyou to the fine fellow that donated the vice and the guy that built it.
If anyone wants Dylans email address you can buy it from me for £10 a go (CASH ONLY ALL PROCEEDS TO CFR) and then send him

abusive emails.Lol

Well done Dylan and a million thanks to everyone that bought tickets for the vice draw. I will let you know how much we eventually send through to the ladies at CfR.

If you bought tickets you did win because you know full well that the money is going to a fantastic organisation


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